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Windows 7 Home Premium+Ultimate SP1 32+64Bit (2011-07-13) | 5.37 GB

Release Notes
This has been made from the official SP1 RTM DVDs, so a legit RTM keys will work if you have one.
You can not install any other version than Home Premium and Ultimate, as they have been removed from the DVD.
You now have the option to install either 32-Bit (x86) or 64-Bit (x64) versions of both Editions.
All Editions on this DVD are now Pre-Activated with DAZ's Windows Loader v2.0.4 for your convenience.
This ISO Image will require a Dual-Layer DVD (if burning to DVD). If you don't have a Dual-Layer available
you will have to use the Shrinker tool to remove parts of the ISO in order for it to fit.

What to do with this ISO File
- DO NOT extract the ISO file as you'll lose the information that makes it bootable.
Option #1: Burn to a DVD using your favourite burning program (Nero, ImgBurn etc.) at the SLOWEST speed possible.
Option #2: Install the ISO file to a USB Device (no smaller than 6GB) using the Windows 7 USB/DVD Tool.

DVD / USB Boot Options
You can now select the following options when you boot the DVD / USB Device:

1) Install Windows 7
2) Windows Recovery 32-Bit
3) Windows Recovery 64-Bit
4) Windows 7 Live CD (PE3)

The Live CD is a stripped-down version of Windows 7 that runs from the DVD / USB Deivce, and comes packed with
lots of applications for you to use.

How to install if you have a Genuine Windows 7 Home Premium or Ultimate Key
- Extract the ISO image to your Hard Drive.
- Use the Shrinker Tool to remove the Pre-Activation from the ISO, and create a new ISO File to use (Option 4).
- Install Windows 7 and enter your product key, you may automatically Activate if you wish.
You may have to re-type the product key again once Windows is installed to make it Genuine.

How to install if you DON'T have a Genuine Windows 7 Home Premium or Ultimate Key
- Nothing needs to be done to ***** this as the DVD will Pre-Activate for you (install Windows Loader etc).
- When Windows has finished installing, just Restart your PC and it is Genuine and ready to go.

The Additional Tweaks / Codecs / Programs
While your PC is at the stage of finalising the installation, a window will pop up with extra tweaks and
programs you may want to install. All of these can be turned off if you do not want to install them.

Using the Shriking Tool
- This removes around 250mb-1.1gb of extras included (not including Windows Editions), but doesn't remove updates.
- To use this either run this from a DVD/USB Device, or you can extract the ISO file on to your Hard Drive.
(Extracting the ISO FIle at this time is OK, because it will re-generate a Bootable ISO File for you.)
- Run the "shrinker.exe" file and select a Hard Drive (with atleast 12gb free) to extract the DVD to.
- If you for example select C Drive, you will find the ISO in newly created the C:\WIN7TEMP\ Directory.
- As of v1.3 of the Shrinking Tool, it will now remove unwanted Editions from the ISO File. It will
remove Home Premium or Ultimate in one step, then 32-Bit or 64-Bit in the next.

Manufacturer Themes
This DVD will also detect your Hardware and can install the Themes for the following Desktops / Laptops:
(If you wish to remove this OEM Information from your PC, you can use the Ultimate Windows Tweaker Program)
Acer - Advent - Alienware - Aquarius - Asus - ATComputers - BenQ - Casper - Compaq - Dealin - Dell -
DellXPS - ECS - eMachines - Exper - Founder - FSC - Fujitsu - Gateway - Genuine - Gigabyte - Greatwall -
Haier - Hannspree - Hasee - HCL - Higrade - HP - Hyrican - Hyrican - IBM - JooyonTech - Kraftway - KSystems -
Lanix - Lenovo - LG - Medion - MSI - NEC - Nokia - Olidata - Packard Bell - Panasonic - Quanmax - Samsung -
Semp Toshiba - Sony - Synnex - Systemax - Tongfang - Toshiba - Trigem - Twinhead - Viewsonic - Viliv -
VMware - Wortmann - Zoostorm


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