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With SuperGoo, your image behaves as though it's made of digital liquid. You can stretch,
warp, smear your image and more, using a library of customizable Liquid Image distortion
tools... all in real time!??In addition to manipulating your image with SuperGoo's distortion
tools, you can save your changes out into a series of keyframes, almost like a digital flip book.

From here, you can render out an AVI or Quicktime animation, or a sequence of individual
images. You can even preview your animation inside of SuperGoo instantly! Users of SuperGoo
can use the Clone tool to mix images of family and friends...

try putting dad's beard onto mom's face. Included with SuperGoo is a library of hundreds
of facial components: eyes, noses, hairstyles, and more.

These can be added onto the pictures you take, or you can create a virtual person from
scratch. With SuperGoo's intuitive controls, you need no prior knowledge of computers,
graphics, or even the original Kai's Power Goo to enjoy leapin


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