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Thread: DesktopMate

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    DesktopMates are animated human like characters that live on your desktop as your personal interactive companion & assistant capable of speech & doing tasks for you using MSŪ Agent & Artificial Intelligence Technologies. All versions of Windows 2000, Me, XP and Vista already comes with the core components for MSAgent Technology as part of your windows operating system.

    DesktopMates characters are digital software components consisting of complied sets of various animations, but DO NOT operate by themselves as a standalone program. A character's animations and speech are generated by the MS Agent Core Components" in conjunction with third party MS Agent applications such as "CyberBuddy" and the "Answerpad" or "Ultra Hal" Artificial Intelligence Programs which utilizes the character's animation software along with the MS Agent core components to make a character function and speak etc. The type of tasks a character can do as well as the amount of activity as to when and what animations are used and what a character says will mostly depend on the application you are using to operate your character, so be sure to thoroughly read the documentation and help that comes with the application you are using to operate your character in order to get the most out the programs as well as your character.

    Code: & /1701401375.html & /1701401309.html & /1701401088.html

    1st file: Allows you to interact to your AI character through mic.
    2nd file: Allows you to launch & change the settings of your A.I. character.
    3rd file: This contains 3 A.I. characters.

    Please ensure that MSAgent included in your Windows is installed and running. If you do not have it in your windows then download it directly from Microsoft's website.

    You can also try to download it from our other Free Download Site
    DesktopMate Alternative Link
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