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Web Programming Library
English | Collection Books | PDF | 2.29 GB

This is a selection of web programming books I have gathered from various and places around the Internet.
A lot of programming torrents out there don't specialize in web programming, so I thought I'd contribute my library.
It should contain everything someone would need to go from knowing nothing about web programming yet have the ability and inclination to programming full-blown Websites, Web services, mash-ups, etc.

It covers my programming languages of choice: XHTML/CSS, javascript including JQuery, PHP, SQL.
It also includes books on WordPress, Drupal, Joomla!, Mobile Development, iPhone/Android/Mobile App Development, SEO, Web Services like Facebook, Twitter, FlickR, a few design books, and a few unsorted related books.
I've included the WordPress core 3.2.1 because it's small and it's great reading material for anyone interested in WordPress development.
My upload speed will be variable throughout the holiday season, but when I return home I'll run it overnight. More seeds would be greatly appreciated. :
Best of luck, and I hope this is useful for you!

Code: & /file/m4D6MDY/Web_Programming_Books.part1.rar & /file/zQCfv8h/Web_Programming_Books.part2.rar

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