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    Default The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr.

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    A "western" in name only, the short-lived Fox Network series The Adventures of Brisco County Jr. was actually a wild and wooly fantasy/sci-fi outing, with more in common with Jules Verne than Zane Grey. Set in the early 1890s, the series starred Bruce Campbell as the titular Brisco County Jr., a Harvard graduate who had journeyed westward to track down the gang that had killed his father, legendary lawman Brisco County Sr. The younger Brisco knew that the culprits were the minions of the scurrilous John Bly (Billy Drago), an outlaw who possessed awesome, almost otherworldy powers, and who was much despised by the "robber barons" of the Westerfield Club, owners of the local mines. Offering his services to these millionaires, Brisco was given an unlimited budget and access to all manner of marvelous new inventions (so new that many of them wouldn't be invented for the next forty or fifty years or so!), many of them the creations of the eccentric Professor Albert Wickwire (John Astin). Unfortunately, the villains were likewise equipped with futuristic paraphernalia, so Brisco and his assistant, nervous Westerfield Club lawyer Socrates Poole (Christian Clemenson), often as not had to rely on their own wits to get out of scrapes. Also in the cast was Julius Carry as black bounty hunter James Lonefeather, aka Lord Bowler, who wanted to get Bly before Brisco did; thus, sometimes he worked with our hero, sometimes against him. Other semi-regulars included dimwitted by affable thief Peter Hutter (John Pyper-Ferguson), gorgeous soldier-of-fortune Dixie Cousins (Kelly Rutherford); and Brisco's faithful horse Comet, who in certain ways was the smartest character in the cast. Predominent throughout the series were the mysterious orbs, which possessed unique powers that could be used for good or evil, depending on who was in control of them. It was eventually revealed that the orbs were artifacts from the distant future (2056 AD, to be exact)--and so, for that matter, was the seemingly indestructible John Bly. Played in a rip-roaring dime novel fashion, even unto dividing its action into "chapters" and ending most episodes with a "continued next week" cliffhanger, the 60-minute The Adventures of Brisco County debuted August 27, 1993, ending its run exactly one year and one day later.

    FOX on Friday, 8:00 PM
    Premiered:August 27, 1993
    Last Aired:May 20, 1994

    • Format: Avi
      Dimensions: 512x384
      • Pilot = 93 min.
        Episodes = 45-47 min.

      • Pilot = 700MB
        Episodes = 350MB

    Pilot: The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr
    Code:,_Jr. & /?d=V1ENWEA9
    or,_Jr. & /?d=HPSUR3P0,_Jr. & /?d=5NIS0CFY,_Jr. & /?d=04HEGYXZ,_Jr. & /?d=XT15ILYD
    Episode 02: The Orb Scholar
    Code:,_Jr. & /?d=0M4X51HM,_Jr. & /?d=OS28SVFS
    Episode 03: No Man's Land
    Code:,_Jr. & /?d=30A5FNPZ,_Jr. & /?d=8RFH4NHL
    Episode 04: Brisco in Jalisco
    Code:,_Jr. & /?d=NJJA5O6F,_Jr. & /?d=P743YDGK
    Episode 05: Socrates' Sister
    Code:,_Jr. & /?d=G7C4ABKB,_Jr. & /?d=QEMVES1C
    Episode 06: Riverboat
    Code:,_Jr. & /?d=7UY9N1U4,_Jr. & /?d=J3B47O7A
    Episode 07: Pirates!
    Code:,_Jr. & /?d=8GMB86J3,_Jr. & /?d=GPHIC7F9
    Episode 08: Senior Spirit
    Code:,_Jr. & /?d=YJBD5KXH,_Jr. & /?d=8Y1SJRDY
    Episode 09: Brisco for the Defense
    Code:,_Jr. & /?d=6ITYF35C,_Jr. & /?d=BA4JP07H
    Episode 10: Showdown
    Code:,_Jr. & /?d=4OEY9JQ4,_Jr. & /?d=8KSCL9AJ
    Episode 11: Deep in the Heart of Dixie
    Code:,_Jr. & /?d=3VIR8FP0,_Jr. & /?d=QO3M9BU4
    Episode 12: Crystal Hawks
    Code:,_Jr. & /?d=7RMOBQZM,_Jr. & /?d=84PZR13W
    Episode 13: Steel Horses
    Code:,_Jr. & /?d=B4FZHITU,_Jr. & /?d=7HCIH1ZR

    Episode 14: Mail Order Brides
    Code:,_Jr. & /?d=UW3LP2W7,_Jr. & /?d=IKDVFAXU
    Episode 15: AKA Kansas
    Code:,_Jr. & /?d=7V1WG6Q0,_Jr. & /?d=4I47RN35
    Episode 16: Bounty Hunter's Convention
    Code:,_Jr. & /?d=H5ILM9R0,_Jr. & /?d=979OI3ON
    Episode 17: Fountain of Youth
    Code:,_Jr. & /?d=1ZVCG2RC,_Jr. & /?d=MCNZ7N2A
    Episode 18: Hard Rock
    Code:,_Jr. & /?d=M44P6YDX,_Jr. & /?d=MR08YLMV
    Episode 19: The Brooklyn Dodgers
    Code:,_Jr. & /?d=TP8J0XSP,_Jr. & /?d=NPESA61E
    Episode 20: Bye Bly
    Code:,_Jr. & /?d=HCN32UFD,_Jr. & /?d=VVZ7QOZN
    Episode 21: Ned Zed
    Code:,_Jr. & /?d=82WFP9WR,_Jr. & /?d=XVVOZP0U
    Episode 22: Stagecoach
    Code:,_Jr. & /?d=KL6W4MLM,_Jr. & /?d=8C48U58L
    Episode 23: Wild Card
    Code:,_Jr. & /?d=BN0OL63P,_Jr. & /?d=ATHJ6FC0
    Episode 24: And Baby Makes Three
    Code:,_Jr. & /?d=JXDUF8SH,_Jr. & /?d=M3IUV656
    Episode 25: Bad Luck Betty
    Code:,_Jr. & /?d=OPTWZ8Q7,_Jr. & /?d=W1J3UHJP
    Episode 26: High Treason (pt.1)
    Code:,_Jr. & /?d=BDI76ZNZ,_Jr. & /?d=95FKKCBB
    Episode 27: High Treason (pt.2)
    Code:,_Jr. & /?d=0PP6SKNP,_Jr. & /?d=0CG63RO2

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    here are a complete set of disc and cover scans:
    Code:,_Jr. & /?d=J836UTC5

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