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Realize your dreams as a boss of an eroticism-group! Manage the newly established eroticism-group at the tip of the eroticism-business and tempt you man and woman to the purchase of wonderful utensils out of your tingling assortment! You are the boss! Do you attend to personnel, production, marketing and some more: "you have the Girls for the new eroticism strip already gecastet?" "how would become you the current Dessous-collection combine?" "and are has you certain to not to crash that "Rachel" – the new rubber doll – one something breast? Think of the current raw rubber-prices!" – Your secretary can irritate sometimes very beautifully, views condemns however nicely out of...

The current market analyses are much promising, the catalogue is out and also the newly established sex-hotline runs fantastically. But one of your competitors seems in conscience very successfully to its to zones of your Filialnetzes – you must act!

Economic management with much joke and of an orderly portion crackling eroticism!

Building a whole empire in the erotic-business by producing and selling erotic video materials, toys, specific services. The player has to set up his offices, buy production machines, design products, hire/fire artists and models, build a distribution network and outrun the competition. Do all these to raise your empire and become the king of erotic products.


Eight different scenarios, free game and Tutorial! Always "Up to data" thanks to your smart and sweet assistant! Turn erotic video-Clips with your favorite performer! Skin near at the same time: press in the photo-Shooting itself on the trigger! Create your own sex-Toys and sharp Outfits! Active you control call at the eroticism-hotline! Many superheiße Girls! Career mode: Show based on the "Babe-Charts" that you have the best Girls! Crazy penthouse for hot recesses! Large business building with different departments and production centers! Many Vertriebsgebiete for the erection of a Filialnetzes! Extensive possibilities for the intervention in the business business! Hot Soundeffekte and music for the correct atmosphere!

Year : 2004
Genre: Strategy

Code: & /dl/111652332/29b5ff3/EroticEmp.part1.rar.html & /dl/111651890/6835284/EroticEmp.part2.rar.html & /dl/111651861/328432d/EroticEmp.part3.rar.html & /dl/111644296/b931ade/EroticEmp.part4.rar.html & /dl/111644228/b79de5a/EroticEmp.part5.rar.html & /dl/111542936/cc085e4/EroticEmp.part6.rar.html & /dl/111518825/7685804/EroticEmp.part7.rar.html

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