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Divinity 2: Ego Draconis returns the player in the world Rivellon. War, hurricane flying on his land, destroyed many cities and claimed the lives of many people. But disaster could happen again. The ancient demon appeared in Rivellon, and with him returned to the world of evil ...
The main character - a wanderer, traveling the globe in search of dragons. Let him know that the ancient monsters, where he hunted, is inextricably linked to his fate. Fighting evil, it will be open to a great force, and eventually become a legendary ruler of dragons.

Familiar Divine Divinity universe has changed: instead of isometric view of the game has become the third person. The game will be a lot of cool weapons and items that can be combined with each other. Each quest - the original and complex - will be diversified routing.

The enemies in the world of Divinity 2 - are people, as well as the most fantastic (and aggressively tuned) exists in the arsenal which is always a unique combat techniques. Hero in handy every "pumped" skill, each bottle of elixir of health, to win in the clashes and monsters of the world Rivellon.

Game features:
# Continuation of the popular action / RPG DivineDivinity

# Huge, incredibly beautiful world Rivellon. Traveling, completes quests, and fight - there is nothing to limit the freedom hero

# Wide range of weapons and items of equipment for people and for the dragon

# When performing tasks (quests), the hero is a set of behaviors. Every action affects the current state of affairs in the gaming universe

# The hero is able to create servants of the parts of the corpses of enemies, that they fought on his side


Platform: XBOX360
Source: DVD9
Genre: RPG
Image: ISO
Language: English ITA FR SPA GER
Region: PAL, NTSC/J (Excludes China)
Company: Larian Studios
Dumpdate: 10/31/2009
Storedate: 10/30/2009

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